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Together with Free the Children – - NIKA is funding the cost of building a school for up to 500 children between Kindergarten and Eighth grade in Pimbiniet, Kenya.  In addition, funding will be provided for a water catchment system and micro finance organization for the women within the village.  This investment is referred to by Free The Children as “Adopt a Village.”  These investments are always done in partnership with a community and focused on the four pillars of community development: 1) education; 2) health care; 3) clean water and 4) alternative forms of income.  Through many years of experience, Free The Children has found that focusing on these areas is critical to helping end poverty in Africa.  

One of the other difficulties facing many of these communities is that young girls are unable to go to school because they have to do the daily water walks to gather the family water for the day.  Without education, the cycle of poverty may truly never end.  Through the “Adopt a Village” program, Free the Children has developed a creative solution that gets the girls to school but still allows them to take water home after school.  They do this through water catchment systems whereby rain water is captured on building roofs and piped over to a rainwater storage tank.  The girls are then provided with clean water before going home for the day.

NIKA is pleased to be associated with the “Adopt a Village” program in Pimbiniet, Kenya by funding approximately $235,000 of this critical project.

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