Chimborazo Region, Ecuador

The community has approximately 82 families, 486 people, with a total of 110 students in grades 1-7. In total about 84 percent of children aged 5-17 are currently studying. This figure is relatively high for the area. Still, 20 percent of the adult population is illiterate, which is around the provincial average of 19.1%. 10 out of the 228 adults in the community have a high-school degree and the average monthly family income is $93. For families headed by women that figure drops to $40.71.

Past plans and started construction for a paved road to the village unfortunately destroyed the community’s water system. The community was getting water from a number of springs that lie about 4km away from the village. Although the community petitioned the government to fix it, they were refused. Until completion of our project, when one visited Gulahuayco, a tap that ran dry was found in every house and a community water tank sat empty.

Since work has been completed through research by a local water engineer has led to the installation of a chlorination system, and a pressure release tank.  Pipes were laid 1.2 meters deep.